Make Jesus Known!

Our Foundress, Saint Magdalene of Canossa, had an inspiration: Jesus was not loved because he is not known. Over two-hundred years ago, she intuitively understood the wave of culture that clashed against Christian virtue, and she set out to stem the tide. She knew she could not do it alone, nor could it be achieved with her companions (Sisters). She had a much bigger vision of the force that would work to combat evils of her time…and ours:

“Therefore, to provide assistance where the Institute cannot reach and, at the time, to facilitate the spiritual well being of many souls, the one who writes is thinking about extending the Institute, by establishing the Institution of the Tertiaries of the Daughters of Charity, who are simply bound by the sacred bonds of this great virtue, dedicated to Mary, our Most Holy Mother of Sorrows, living in the heart of their families, animated by the same spirit, practicing the same works of charity embraced by the Institute, using the same methods and with the prudence which will now be explained.”

As we begin this new adventure, extending our charism to the digital world, we hope you will join us in our discussions about our Foundress, and the One – Christ on the Cross – that became the fire that captivated her.

God bless you!

One thought on “Make Jesus Known!

  1. It is such a joy to have in our midst, Sr. Lisa Doty, who with God’s grace, has been blessed with the knowledge (and courage) to go digital with our life cause, “To Make Jesus Known”. God bless each visitor to this Lay Canossian website. May they be touched by the spirit within Magdalene and realize the greatest love is Christ crucified.

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