Remembering Our Mother Foundress

On April 10th, we remember Our Mother Foundress, Saint Magdalene of Canossa, in a special way. It was today, in the year 1835, she was laid to rest. Remembering the death of Magdalene is a moment of grace for us. The end of her earthly life gives us an idea of the “passion” that guided her life and work. For her, death meant surrendering the energies she spent to make the “Greatest Love” – Jesus Crucified – known and loved. Surrendering these energies is the fulfillment of her existence, a witness of her faith and love, a gift of self that continues to bear fruit, even in us.

The Chapel at the Mother House, Verona Italy. Magdalene's remains are kept underneath the altar.
Looking into Magdalene's cell, where she died.

Let us sit at the feet of our Saint and listen to her words:

“Love contains the fullness and the fulfillment of the Law: the imitation of the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and of all his teachings…”

“Let us consider the commandment of love at the moment that Jesus Christ recommended it and the way he did so.”

“On the Cross Jesus Crucified was stripped of everything except his love…”

“The divine mercy wants to form the Daughter of Charity according to those virtues of which Jesus Christ Crucified gave us a luminous example on the cross.”

“It means animating all our actions and activities with the Spirit of Jesus Christ: the spirit of charity, sweetness, meekness, humility, the spirit of zeal and fortitude, a spirit most amiable, most generous, most patient, in imitation of those virtues which our great Model practiced, especially on the Cross.”

Let us pray:

O God of immense love, be merciful to us. Teach us to ask for what is really useful to life. Comfort us in our present necessities. May Magdalene, who out of love for Christ Crucified and Mary most sorrowful, left the comforts of her father’s house in order to humbly serve you in the poor and suffering members of his mystical body, intercede for us. Amen.


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