Formation 2015-16

The formation of each of our local groups follows the Plan of On-Going Formation developed by the Lay Canossian International Coordinating Team. The Formation for this year, the period from September 2015 to June 2016, will help to prepare each of the ALC members, as a journey toward the very important event, the International Congress in July 2016. Thus, if in the last three years our formation helped us to deepen the richness of the Convention 2011, this year our formation will help us look ahead to the theme of the International gathering: “INSPICE ET FAC: In the Heart of the World with the Joy of the Gospel.”

The material offered to you will have the same form as previous years, a monthly scheda divided in various parts:

  • Initial Prayer
  • Biblical Aspect regarding the Seven Words of Jesus on the Cross
  • A work of art, with a very short comment related to the Biblical theme.
  • Charismatic Aspect: Magdalene’s writings will guide us to rediscover the Spirituality of the Cross
  • In search of Gospel events: we will listen to the witness of those who joyfully lived personal situations which recall Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection.
  • Formation to leadership: characteristic features of the one who, as a Lay Canossian, guides a group and/or takes the responsibility at the different levels in Coordinating Teams in the Association
  • Questions for reflection: the aim is to favour personal reflection and/or sharing and discussion in the group
  • Final Prayer

The scheda of the month of September 2015, as usual, will be characterized by the charismatic aspect and linked to another meaningful event of the Universal Church: The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. We will deepen the theme of mercy starting from the “Bull of Indiction of the Jubilee, Misericordiae Vultus, and from Magdalene’s writings about mercy.

The formative scheda of May, instead, will be a scheda that will be gradually build up together in our annual formative journey through your sharing and contributions. We would like to produce an International Scheda, written in full communion with everyone. It should be like a formation puzzle because everyone is formed and, at the same time, everyone is a formator, in which each group will place its piece of the puzzle composed of answers, questions, experiences, witnesses … We await for your contribution.

May your work be fruitful! We are aware that a long journey always starts with the first step and we are sure that the Lord, who is infinite mercy, and our Saints, Magdalene and Bakhita, will journey with all of us!



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